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Authors Who Love Fans Who Hate Reading

  One of the awesome things about being an author is getting e-mails from readers. Mostly these are from kids and teens who love reading and maybe want to be writers themselves, and I love love love getting those messages. I was a total bookworm kid who wanted to be a writer, so when I hear from […]

Why I Don’t Send My Kid to School

Most parents don’t question whether we should send our kids to school. Some of us might criticize the school system, worry about class size and whether our kid will get a good teacher this year, or even object to the amount of homework. Lots of us agonize about which school would be the best fit. […]

Ten Perks of Being an Unschooling Parent

We started unschooling almost two years ago now, after my son attended a few weeks of first grade in a local public school. Unschooling– which my son describes to people as “not following a curriculum and just doing whatever we feel like–” been pretty awesome. Awesome for him, which I expected, but also for the whole family, often in […]

I’m in Suriname!

Sometimes I love the internet so much. I love the way it makes it so easy to connect with people all over the world. Check out my latest interview — with a nineteen year old YA book blogger from Suriname! A country which, embarassingly, I had to look up to locate beyond a vague “somewhere in South America” …. Like I said, […]

Unschooling. It’s Like A Never-Ending Weekend.

When people ask what school my son goes to, I generally just say that we homeschool. It’s the simplest answer. Most people have at least heard of homeschooling. But it can also be a misleading answer, as it often seems to conjure up images of worksheets and text books at the kitchen table.  Besides, the conversation doesn’t usually […]