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Record Breaker Launched!

  The launch for my new books, Record Breaker and Damage, was a blast. I launched with a great group of authors and loved hearing about their new books. There were yummy snacks (see table above and note how close I am standing to those brownies!) And best of all, there were KIDS! When you […]

Oh, We’re Such Radicals…

…that we got front page coverage in the local paper! Check it out: The Unschool  For the record, I did NOT use the s-word (socialized). Otherwise it’s not too bad. At least the reporter didn’t quote my son’s comments about liking to mix chemicals together to make explosions…

Unschooling and Moments of Doubt

Almost three years into our unschooling life and I still find myself caught in ways of thinking that reflect conventional ideas about learning. Maybe not as often as in our first year, or our second—but fairly frequently nonetheless. I’ll see a friend’s kid doing his math homework or proudly sticking his spelling test on the […]