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Trans Day of Visibility: Books for Kids and Teens

For Trans Day of Visibility 2016, I thought I’d share some books with trans characters that I have either read and loved, or am looking forward to picking up. Happy reading! Picture Books: In these books for small kids, I’ve included some about characters who are gender non-conforming, though they may or may not identify (now […]

Ready, Set, LAUNCH!

I can’t believe it is that time… the first launch event for PRIDE: CELEBRATING DIVERSITY AND COMMUNITY is coming up in just a few weeks! This is my first non-fiction book– and it is so close to my heart, because it is about our beautiful, complicated, diverse and fabulous LGBTQ community. I came out as […]

Kiddle, the homophobic search engine for kids

So as you have probably heard, there is a new search engine called Kiddle which describes itself as a safe search engine for kids. Too bad it’s actually dangerous. Too bad it’s actually a homophobic body-shaming way to tell kids that sexuality is bad, the LGBT community is bad, and their own curiosity about bodies […]