inferno-smallHigh School Can Be Hell.

Dante thinks high school is an earthly version of hell. She hates her new home in the suburbs, her best friend has moved away, her homeroom teacher mocks her and her mother is making her attend a social skills group for teenage girls. When a stranger shows up at school and hands Dante a flyer that reads: Woof, woof. You are not a dog. Why are you going to obedience school?, Dante thinks she’s found a soul mate. Someone who understands. Someone else who wants to make real changes in the world. But there are all kinds of ways of bringing about change…and some are more dangerous than others.


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“This was a great read, well paced and well written, with compelling characters and situations that, while extraordinary, never seemed unbelievable. Stevenson captures the high emotions of high school, alongside strong, believable relationships and a protagonist who acts rashly at times, but always maintains a strong inner core I’d be proud to emulate now, never mind when I was a teenager! I’d recommend it to high schoolers and adults.” (, April 2010)

“Stevenson inhabits Dante’s teenage skin very well… an expertly told story.” (Vancouver Sun, September 2009)

“Robin Stevenson’s writing is sharp and her plot tidy and briskly paced, making for a quick, engaging read. Even the integration of the tough themes of relationship abuse and the alienation of queer teens is seamless– not to mention free of heavy-handed lessons. Smart and sarcastic, Dante is a convincing narrator.” (Quill and Quire, July/August 2009)

“An exceptional book that captures the angst and ennui of a teenager that just does not fit well into any group. A well-written novel that had me gripped to the final page. Highly recommended.” (Resource Links, June 1 2009)

“Stevenson creates a compelling portrait of autonomy vs conformity… Dante’s sexuality is refreshingly not a problem, just a fact of life. Readers will recognize themselves and many of their peers in Stevenson’s complex, likeable characters.” (Booklist, June 1 2009)

“A name to watch in the world of young adult publishing…. (Stevenson) does a terrific job, capturing the impossibly large emotion and the power that propels teenage girls…This is skillful writing featuring a strong female protagonist. A good story well told.” (January Magazine, April 2009)

“If you are a librarian serving teenagers, you should have this book in your collection. It seems so many good books about gay themes are about boys– this has a wonderful female lead. Dante is strong, smart, and has integrity.” (Elisabeth Abarbanel, Librarian, Los Angeles, April 2009)


  • 2010 Rainbow List (Recommended books with GLBTQ content)
  • 2010 Sheila A. Egoff Children’s Literature Prize finalist (BC Book Prizes)
  • 2010 Resource Links “The Year’s Best”