Out of Order

out-of-order15-coverThe worst lies of all are the ones you tell yourself…

Sophie Keller sees her move to Victoria as a chance to start over and leave her old self behind. She is soon drawn into the orbit of the charismatic but troubled Zelia. As their friendship develops and Zelia’s behavior becomes increasingly self-destructive, Sophie struggles to maintain both the friendship and her own sense of self. Then Sophie meets Max. At first, Max seems to be Zelia’s opposite: direct, straightforward and sure of herself. But this new friendship brings its own unexpected challenges and confusion, and Sophie slowly starts to realize that friendships are a place in which one can both lose and discover oneself.


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“Compelling, deftly crafted… Robin Stevenson has brilliantly created a believable protagonist, a powerful antagonist, and a finely balanced cast of supporting characters… This novel is impossible to put down. Highly recommended.” (Canadian Materials, Dec. 2007)

“What sets this debut novel apart is the strong first-person narration and the full, rich development of even minor characters.” (Booklist, January 2008)

“Stevenson’s book made my week! It hooked me instantly and reeled me in. I couldn’t put the book down… A stunning read. I highly recommend it. In my books, Out of Order gets 5 gleaming stars!” (KIdsWWwrite, February 2008)

“Out of Order is a book that will please both teenaged readers and those of us who want them to read.” (Resource Links, vol.13, no.1))

“The visceral, emotional reactions of the characters ring true… Stevenson handles the uncertainty of adolescent sexual identity very well… this story is about friendship and self-worth. It will be a good choice where issue-driven fiction is popular.” (VOYA, December 2007)

“Stevenson’s engaging writing style quickly draws readers into the world of her book’s characters… This book has strong and relevant messages for adolescents about the power and complexity of friendship and family… explores often uneasy issues with a compassionate, matter-of-fact voice that never lets any one of these issues become the story.” (Village Vibe, Nov. 2007)


  • OLA Honourable Mention
  • Canadian Children’s Book Centre– Best Books for Young Adults 2008 (starred)