Pride: The Cover Reveal!

So delighted that the Gay YA is hosting the cover reveal for my first book of non-fiction- today! This book is something completely different for me– and it is very close to my heart. Last summer, I wrote a Pride Week guest post on E. Kristen Anderson’s wonderful blog, Write All the Words. In it, I […]


I recently shared the cover for my spring 2016 novel, Under Threat, on Twitter and Facebook- and was pleasantly surprised by the reaction. There was a troll or two, expressing the usual bigotry (I am corrupting youth and so on), but there was also lots of excitement, interest and support. Many people apparently agree that we need […]

Pride Day: The Kids’ Book!

My newest project is my first foray into non-fiction, and it is something I am very excited about: a kids’ book about Pride Day. I want to include personal stories and photographs that reflect the many faces of the LGBTQ community and illustrate the many meanings of Pride Day. And I need some help! How […]

Happy Pride 2013!

  I LOVE Pride Day. I’ve been going to Pride parades since I was a teenager– starting several years before I came out myself. Toronto Pride was my first, but the much smaller Victoria Pride parade is my favorite. It’s changed a lot– or maybe just my experience of it has. The last few years, […]

Why I Write About Queer Teens

Fact: Several of my novels (Out of Order, Inferno, Big Guy) include characters who are queer, gay, lesbian, bisexual or questioning their sexuality. This shouldn’t need any explanation or justification. Some people are queer, in fiction as well as in life. In fact, if anything queer characters are, statistically speaking, probably under-represented in my novels. So it’s a […]