Refugee Sponsorship: How You Can Help

I have been neglecting my blog for a few months– but it’s been a busy summer and fall. I have several new books- non-fiction, middle grade fiction, YA and a board book- in the works… in various stages, and all jostling for attention. I’ve been talking about LGBTQ Pride in BC schools and libraries, from […]

A Year in the Life of PRIDE

My Pride book turns ONE today! And it has been such an exciting and interesting year. So much learning and so many amazing new people in my life because of PRIDE. So happy birthday, little book! And as if to help celebrate, these newly printed copies arrived in my mail box today- complete with shiny […]

Kiddle, the homophobic search engine for kids

So as you have probably heard, there is a new search engine called Kiddle which describes itself as a safe search engine for kids. Too bad it’s actually dangerous. Too bad it’s actually a homophobic body-shaming way to tell kids that sexuality is bad, the LGBT community is bad, and their own curiosity about bodies […]


I recently shared the cover for my spring 2016 novel, Under Threat, on Twitter and Facebook- and was pleasantly surprised by the reaction. There was a troll or two, expressing the usual bigotry (I am corrupting youth and so on), but there was also lots of excitement, interest and support. Many people apparently agree that we need […]