Kiddle, the homophobic search engine for kids

So as you have probably heard, there is a new search engine called Kiddle which describes itself as a safe search engine for kids.

Too bad it’s actually dangerous. Too bad it’s actually a homophobic body-shaming way to tell kids that sexuality is bad, the LGBT community is bad, and their own curiosity about bodies and growing up is bad.

If a kid searches, say “puberty” they get a message- complete with an angry finger-wagging robot- telling them that they’ve used a bad word. Same goes for uterus, menstruation, and testicles. Weirdly, birth is also a bad word. As is breast cancer- because, you know, breasts. However, you can read about abstinence!

Last night, it seemed  that Kiddle had heard from a few people who think that telling kids that gay and lesbian and trans are “bad words” isn’t cool, because now they have this new and still crappy message for kids:

“You have entered an LGBT related search query. Please realize that while Kiddle has nothing against the LGBT community, it’s hard to guarantee the safety of all the search results for such queries. We recommend that you talk to your parent or guardian about such topics.”

This is utter bullshit, and it’s a dangerous message.

Kiddle lets kids search- and get results for Jeffrey Dahmer. The first- handpicked for kids!- search result for Paul Bernado is a “fun trivia quiz.” Charming. But they’re saying that the LGBT community and anything related to it is just too perverse and dangerous to link to. What about directing them to the It Gets Better campaign, for instance? To some accurate information and resources that could actually help kids, reduce bullying and save lives? To a list of LGBTQ positive books for kids?  Not all kids can safely discuss these questions with a parent, as a number of recent suicides among transgender teens have shown.

Oh- but you can’t learn about that on Kiddle, because if you search suicide, you just get told off for using bad words. Nice one, Kiddle. Think about the many reasons a kid might search suicide. They’d be safer with Google, which gives them numbers for hotlines to call for support.

Kiddle obviously doesn’t want kids learning about the LGBT community (which, for ten percent or so, also means learning about themselves). It’s pretty clear that Kiddle, despite its claim, definitely does have something against the LGBT community- and is willing to put our kids at risk because of it.

If you haven’t done so already please use kiddle’s contact form ( to send a message and let them know that this isn’t acceptable. Let them know your kids won’t be using it, and that you would object to teachers using this in the classroom. Because all our kids deserve better.