I love to help other writers hone their skills, craft their stories, and work towards their personal goals. Over the last ten years, I’ve taught university and college courses, worked as an artist-in-residence in schools, and facilitated writing workshops. I also work as an editor, and have edited numerous middle-grade and YA novels published by Orca.

I’ve recently begun offering private coaching sessions to individual writers, and have found this very enjoyable and rewarding. As a result, I have decided to expand on this interest by offering a number of services for writers, including manuscript consultations, editing services and mentoring/coaching sessions.


  • I will read your middle-grade or YA novel manuscript, and send you written feedback focussed on ways to strengthen your manuscript as you revise. This feedback will include an editorial letter to suggest improvements in areas such as plot, character development, structure, pacing, dialogue, voice, and appropriateness for the intended audience. I will comment on the strengths of the manuscript, identify areas that need improvement, share questions that I have as a reader, and make specific suggestions for revision. I will also make comments throughout the manuscript, using Track Changes in Word. This will be a close reading, with detailed suggestions— that is, I will pay attention to paragraph structure, sentence flow, word choice, and use of language– but it is not a copy-edit. I will mark errors that I notice, but I will not be editing for grammar, spelling, or punctuation; nor will I be fact-checking or proof-reading.
  • After you receive my critique, we can arrange a Skype session of up to an hour, to discuss the manuscript and to give you the opportunity to ask me follow-up questions.


  • -for a critique of the first 50 pages only: $250
  • -for a novel manuscript of 20-35,000 words:  $500
  • -for a novel manuscript of 35-45,000 words:  $600
  • -for a novel manuscript of 45-60,000 words:  $700
  • -for a novel manuscript of 60,000-80,000 words:  $900



  • There are few things more exciting than seeing a novel take shape. If you wish to continue working with me beyond an initial manuscript consultation, I’d love to work with you. I am available for continued editing services on an hourly basis.

FEE: $50/hour



So you want to write a novel but you

  • lack the confidence to begin
  • don’t know where to start or need some help organizing your ideas
  • have writer’s block and need some support and strategies for getting unstuck
  • need feedback on your writing
  • want to hone your skills in a specific area (eg. character development, pacing, or dialogue)
  • have a rough draft and aren’t sure where to go next
  • need help and direction in the revision process
  • would like to submit your work for publication but don’t know how to go about it

Coaching or mentoring might help. I have ten years’ experience as a counsellor (MSW- clinical social work), and ten years’ experience as an author and creative writing instructor. I’d love to use my experience and skills to support you in achieving your personal goals as a writer.

We would start by discussing your needs, and work together to develop a plan. We can connect by phone, email and Skype. I live in Victoria, BC, and can meet in person with local clients.

FEE: $50/hour



“I really enjoyed working with Robin; her suggestions were always spot on. I always felt Robin respected me as a writer, and she never lost sight of the goal of making my book the best it could be. I hope that I get assigned Robin as an editor again.” –Kari Jones, Orca author.

“I was lucky enough to receive some private writing instruction from Robin in my home. She was able to adapt her classroom lessons to this one on one setting, and gave me clear direction with my writing in a very supportive and creative manner. I was always excited to get back to writing when the session was over… She is a dynamic teacher, and she provided helpful instruction.” –Faye Robinson, Victoria