Ready, Set, LAUNCH!

I can’t believe it is that time… the first launch event for PRIDE: CELEBRATING DIVERSITY AND COMMUNITY is coming up in just a few weeks!

This is my first non-fiction book– and it is so close to my heart, because it is about our beautiful, complicated, diverse and fabulous LGBTQ community. I came out as queer over twenty-five years ago but I started attending Pride celebrations even before that, because I had friends who were gay. Over that time, a lot has changed for our community in Canada, the US, and many other countries around the world. We are more visible, we are better represented in TV and movies and books, we have more legal rights and protections…

But despite all that, too many  LGBTQ kids are still isolated, still taught to hate who they are, still face rejection from the people who should support them. They are still more likely to be homeless, depressed, bullied, and assaulted. Still more likely to attempt suicide. Violence against trans people and especially trans people of color is horribly common. And as recent events in North Carolina show, the anti-LGBTQ backlash is powerful and frightening. My heart breaks when I think about the messages being sent by these powerful adults to the youngest members of our LGBTQ community.

They deserve so much better.

But all that hate doesn’t define our community: we do. And our community is wonderful, fierce, vibrant, colorful, defiant, loving, passionate, creative, and diverse. Our community is something to celebrate and something to welcome our young LGBTQ people into with open arms.

That’s why I wrote PRIDE, and that’s why I gave it- after SO MUCH INDECISION- the title I did. Because our beautiful, brave, diverse community is something to celebrate.

And all that is rather a long lead up to say- please come out and celebrate the launch of my new book with me! I’ll be launching PRIDE in Victoria in April, and in Hamilton and Toronto in May. Here’s the invitation for the first of those launches!

Pride_VictoriaLaunch_Invites_03-11-16 WEB (1)