Refugee Sponsorship: How You Can Help

I have been neglecting my blog for a few months– but it’s been a busy summer and fall. I have several new books- non-fiction, middle grade fiction, YA and a board book- in the works… in various stages, and all jostling for attention. I’ve been talking about LGBTQ Pride in BC schools and libraries, from Victoria to Alert Bay. And I’ve also been busy with some non-writing-related stuff that I thought I’d share here.

Those of you who know me already know that for the past couple of years I’ve been involved in groups that are privately sponsoring refugees to resettle in Canada. The refugee crisis is not as visible in the media as it was in 2015- which is unfortunate, because the numbers of refugees continue to grow. In fact, globally, one out of every 113 people is displaced or a refugee. There are more than 65 million forcibly displaced people worldwide, of which over 22.5 million are classified as refugees– and most will never have access to resettlement. By privately sponsoring a refugee or a refugee family, Canadians can offer a path to safety to people who might otherwise not have a way out of the often desperate situations so many refugees are caught in.

There is a huge and ongoing need for more private sponsorship groups. If you are interested in privately sponsoring refugees, you can read more about how it works here. It has been a great experience- interesting and rewarding- so I am always happy to talk with people and share more about my experience and what I’ve learned. If you think this is something you might like to get involved in, feel free to email me.

You can also help by donating to existing sponsorship groups. I have just started a new group, along with a group of friends, to sponsor a highly vulnerable and very young refugee. This young woman is still in her teens, but has been on her own as a refugee for over two years already. She has fled persecution in her own country, and is currently living in circumstances in which she continues to be unsafe and highly vulnerable. If you would like to support this sponsorship, you can donate here. To those of you who have already helped- thank you so very much.

Along with some other local authors, I’m also going to be offering some writing workshops in the new year, with all money raised to go towards this sponsorship. I’ll keep you posted!