I recently shared the cover for my spring 2016 novel, Under Threat, on Twitter and Facebook- and was pleasantly surprised by the reaction. There was a troll or two, expressing the usual bigotry (I am corrupting youth and so on), but there was also lots of excitement, interest and support. Many people apparently agree that we need […]

Writing the Bees

The Summer We Saved the Bees  is on its way to bookstores! And, in a weird coincidence, I just came a across a the original version of the first page, scribbles and cross-outs and all, as I was looking for a blank sheet of paper in an old-but-only-half-used-notebook. Here it is:           […]

All the Good News

I have done a terrible job of updating my website lately- which is a shame, because there has been so much good news to share! Here are a few highlights from the past few weeks: 1. Ben the Inventor is going to CHINA! Foreign rights have been sold for the Chinese language market, and I […]

And We Have a COVER!!!

My middle-grade novel, The Summer We Saved the Bees, will be released in October– and the ARCS are being printed right now! Here is the Very Cool Cover- a huge thank you to Teresa Bubela of Orca Books!

OLA SuperConference

Only ten days till I catch a plane and leave the wet coast (no, that’s not a typo– it’s pouring rain) for  Toronto. I’m headed to the Ontario Library Association Super Conference. I haven’t attended before and am SO looking forward to it. (Librarians! Books! Readers and writers and publishers and book people of all kinds! What’s […]