8 LGBTQ Canadian YA Novels You Might Have Missed– and Should Read!

I started making a list of my favorite YA novels with LGBTQ characters, but soon realized there were way too many of them– and that many of them were already pretty well known. So I decided to focus on novels written by writers who live north of the border. There are so many terrific Canadian […]


I recently shared the cover for my spring 2016 novel, Under Threat, on Twitter and Facebook- and was pleasantly surprised by the reaction. There was a troll or two, expressing the usual bigotry (I am corrupting youth and so on), but there was also lots of excitement, interest and support. Many people apparently agree that we need […]

All the Good News

I have done a terrible job of updating my website lately- which is a shame, because there has been so much good news to share! Here are a few highlights from the past few weeks: 1. Ben the Inventor is going to CHINA! Foreign rights have been sold for the Chinese language market, and I […]

Karen Krossing, on Punch Like a Girl

I first met Toronto author Karen Krossing in 2013, when her novel Cut the Lights and my novel Attitude were released together, along with (Tom Ryan’s Totally Unrelated) as the first novels in Orca’s Limelights series. Over the last couple of years, I have had the pleasure of getting to know her and her writing. Karen […]

Let’s Talk About Suicide

Today is the official release date of my latest YA novel, The World Without Us.  My book birthday! I’m excited, and looking forward to seeing it on the shelves. And of course I hope it will get good reviews, and find its way into the hands of readers, and that they will enjoy it. But I […]